The BBCR 92.7FM Album of the Month for September is ‘Still Got The Blues’ by Northern Irish guitarist Gary Moore. As the title indicates, this album saw Gary delve into an electric blues style, marking a substantial change in style for the artist who had been predominantly been known for hard rock music.

Influenced by Peter Green and Eric Clapton, Moore began his career in the late 1960s playing with Skid Row & Thin Lizzy. He began his solo career in the 1970’s and was often described as a virtuoso. In 1990 he returned to his roots with ’Still Got The Blues’, which became the most successful album of his career.

The title track was released as a single and reached No. 97 on the Billboard Hot 100 on 16 February 1991.It is the only single of Moore’s to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

Moore’s style is characterised by emotion, precision, and technical ability. His use of various scales and techniques, including blues and pentatonic scales, adds richness to the album. Known for his unique phrasing and expressive vibrato, Moore’s work on “Still Got the Blues” is nothing short of breathtaking.

The album features guest contributions from Albert King (an American guitarist and singer who is often regarded as one of the greatest and most influential blues guitarists of all time) and Albert Collins (an American electric blues guitarist and singer with a distinctive guitar style). Moore said Albert King taught him the value of leaving ’space’ which he believed made him a better Blues player.

Moore continued to release new music throughout his later career, collaborating with other artists from time to time. Sadly, he died on 6 February 2011 from a heart attack while on holiday in Spain age 58.