Listen out for our youngest BBCR 92.7FM radio announcers – sixth graders, Hayley, Chance and Amelia and fifth grader, Leo. The four budding DJs are students at Sanctuary Point Public School and for 2023 they will be presenting the Sanctuary Point Public School program, Forever Forward, every second Monday from 2pm to 3pm.

To be a part of the program, the kids had to submit a 100 word Expression of Interest to their teacher outlining all the reasons they wanted to be involved. Amelia said she was curious to see behind the scenes of a radio station and she wanted to reach out to the community to let everyone know what is happening at their school. Chance thought it would be a really cool life experience and Hayley wanted to build her confidence for talking in front of people. Leo said “I love music and I am a musical person, I play the piano and bass and I really wanted to share the music I like with an audience.”

Each week the kids come to the studio with written notes about what it happening at their school, and a list of their favourite songs to play.  They then take turns talking into the microphone and choosing the song line-up. While all four said they were nervous on their first go, they are now feeling more comfortable and they all agreed, the program was their favourite part of the school week!