Do you have a fear of public speaking? The trick to overcome it according to former Director of Nursing Marilyn Fetch, is to become a radio presenter.

The volunteer presenter for Bay & Basin Community Radio 92.7FM now confidently speaks to an audience of hundreds of people every Thursday morning from 10am to 12pm through her program ‘Morning Matters with Marilyn.’

“I was a manager and yet I always had this great fear of public speaking which was a problem in my working career,” Marilyn said.

“Being on the radio not only helped me overcome my phobia but has now become a passion.”

“I started with a breakfast slot then took a break from presenting to learn about production and now I’m back with my own show and doing my own production and editing as well.”

While she always has a great line-up of music, the real focus of Marilyn’s morning show is highlighting what is happening in the Bay and Basin community.

“So many locals have these amazing stories or are doing this wonderful work in our community and I want that to be the focus of my show. To me that is what community radio is all about,” Marilyn said.

“Last week, I had an interview with local woman Sandi Smyth who last year was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer.”

“It is a silent cancer which has symptoms of just being unwell so it was an opportunity to raise awareness, talk to Sandi about her story and promote her fundraiser.”

Since starting the show Marilyn has interviewed artists, activists, health experts, politicians, singers, song writers and story tellers and she is always on the look out for people to interview.

Bay & Basin Community Radio 92.7FM operates out of the BCR Communities Activities Hub thanks to a team of volunteers and the support of local sponsors. Please contact BCR Communities by phone 1300 222 748 or email [email protected] if you would like to find out more.