With two ukuleles, a Jembe drum, an accordion and a harmonica you just know that the newly formed Jamming Band will be joyful! After some practice sessions, the band will be ready to entertain the community starting with the BCR Communities social and respite groups.

Introducing the band:

Alan Askew – A very talented ukulele player, Alan decided to become a BBCR volunteer so he could help start the Jamming Band.

Stephen Brown – while he has dabbled with many musical instruments, Stephen is joining the Jamming Band as the lead singer. He also plans to share his passion for music presenting on BBCR 92.7fm.

Donald McCarthy – Donald’s instrument of choice is the Jembe – a rope-tuned goblet drum. He will be laying down the beats with the Jamming Band as well as continuing with another local ukulele band.

Neville Body – Former volunteer Neville used to drive the buses as well as perform. After a break he has returned to us again to play the accordion and harmonica in the Jamming Band.

Ken Gates – Ken has been a volunteer with us for over 10 years. He is a versatile and talented musician who also plays with the BBCR Pirates Band. He is an amazing ukulele player and is happy to teach anyone interested in learning.